June 8 All Events

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June 8th, 2068 (June 08 2068)EventThe Roman Senate accepts emperor Galba.
June 8th, 2008 (June 08 2008)EventThe Akihabara massacre took place on the Sunday-pedestrian-zoned Chuodori street. A man killed seven in an attack on a crowd using a truck and a dagger.
June 8th, 2008 (June 08 2008)DeathSaban Bajramovic, Serbian Romani musician (born in 1936)
June 8th, 2007 (June 08 2007)EventNewcastle, New South Wales, Australia is hit by the State s worst storms and flooding in 30 years resulting in the death of nine people and the grounding of trade ship, the MV Pasha Bulker.
June 8th, 2007 (June 08 2007)DeathKenny Olsson, Swedish speedway racer (born in 1977)
June 8th, 2007 (June 08 2007)DeathRichard Rorty, American postanalytic, pragmatic philosopher (born in 1931) Philo Quotes
June 8th, 2006 (June 08 2006)DeathRobert Donner, American actor (born in 1931)
June 8th, 2006 (June 08 2006)DeathAbouna Matta El Meskeen, Coptic Orthodox monk (born in 1919)
June 8th, 2004 (June 08 2004)DeathMack Jones, American baseball player (born in 1938)
June 8th, 2003 (June 08 2003)DeathLeighton Rees, Welsh darts player (born in 1940)
June 8th, 2000 (June 08 2000)DeathJeff MacNelly, American political cartoonist (born in 1948)
June 8th, 1998 (June 08 1998)DeathSani Abacha, President of Nigeria (born in 1943)
June 8th, 1998 (June 08 1998)DeathMaria Reiche, German-born mathematician and archaeologist (born in 1903)
June 8th, 1996 (June 08 1996)EventPanama becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
June 8th, 1995 (June 08 1995)EventDowned U.S. Air Force pilot Captain Scott O Grady is rescued by U.S. Marines in Bosnia.
June 8th, 1993 (June 08 1993)DeathRoot Boy Slim, American entertainer (born in 1945)
June 8th, 1992 (June 08 1992)EventThe first World Ocean Day is celebrated, coinciding with the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
June 8th, 1989 (June 08 1989)BirthGary Wilson, Scottish Musician
June 8th, 1987 (June 08 1987)EventNew Zealand s Labour government legislates against nuclear weapons and nuclear powered vessels. This makes New Zealand the first and (as of June 2006) only nation to ban these things from its territory.
June 8th, 1986 (June 08 1986)EventFormer United Nations Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim is elected president of Austria.
June 8th, 1986 (June 08 1986)BirthPatrick Kaleta, American hockey player
June 8th, 1985 (June 08 1985)BirthAlexandre Despatie, French-Canadian diver
June 8th, 1984 (June 08 1984)EventHomosexuality is declared legal in the state of New South Wales, Australia.
June 8th, 1984 (June 08 1984)BirthAndrea Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline of Monaco
June 8th, 1984 (June 08 1984)BirthJavier Mascherano, Argentine footballer
June 8th, 1984 (June 08 1984)DeathGordon Jacob, English composer (born in 1895)
June 8th, 1983 (June 08 1983)BirthKim Clijsters, Belgian tennis player
June 8th, 1983 (June 08 1983)BirthLee Harding, Australian punk-rock singer
June 8th, 1983 (June 08 1983)BirthMamoru Miyano, Japanese seiyuu
June 8th, 1982 (June 08 1982)BirthDickson Etuhu, Nigerian footballer
June 8th, 1982 (June 08 1982)BirthIrina Lazareanu, Romanian-Canadian model
June 8th, 1982 (June 08 1982)BirthKaty Morgan-Davies, British politician
June 8th, 1982 (June 08 1982)BirthNadia Petrova, Russian tennis player
June 8th, 1982 (June 08 1982)DeathSatchel Paige, American baseball player (born in 1906)Satchel Paige Quotes
June 8th, 1981 (June 08 1981)BirthAlex Band, American singer (The Calling)
June 8th, 1981 (June 08 1981)BirthMatteo Meneghello, Italian racing driver
June 8th, 1981 (June 08 1981)BirthAi Nonaka, Japanese voice actor
June 8th, 1981 (June 08 1981)BirthSara Watkins, American fiddle player
June 8th, 1981 (June 08 1981)BirthJess Weixler, American actress
June 8th, 1980 (June 08 1980)DeathErnst Busch, German singer and actor (born in 1900)
June 8th, 1979 (June 08 1979)BirthPete Orr, Canadian baseball player
June 8th, 1979 (June 08 1979)BirthDerek Trucks, American guitarist
June 8th, 1979 (June 08 1979)BirthLuis Ernesto Michel, Mexican football player
June 8th, 1978 (June 08 1978)BirthMaria Menounos, American actress and television host
June 8th, 1977 (June 08 1977)BirthKanye West, American rapperKanye West Quotes
June 8th, 1976 (June 08 1976)BirthLindsay Davenport, American tennis player
June 8th, 1976 (June 08 1976)BirthKenji Johjima, Japanese baseball player
June 8th, 1975 (June 08 1975)BirthBryan McCabe, Canadian hockey player
June 8th, 1975 (June 08 1975)BirthShilpa Shetty, Indian actress
June 8th, 1974 (June 08 1974)EventAn F4 tornado strikes Emporia, Kansas, killing six.
June 8th, 1973 (June 08 1973)BirthLexa Doig, Canadian actress
June 8th, 1973 (June 08 1973)BirthLucija Serbedzija, Croatian actress
June 8th, 1972 (June 08 1972)BirthChristian Mayrleb, Austrian footballer
June 8th, 1972 (June 08 1972)DeathJimmy Rushing, American blues singer (born in 1903?)
June 8th, 1971 (June 08 1971)BirthMark Feuerstein, American actor
June 8th, 1970 (June 08 1970)BirthGabrielle Giffords, American politician
June 8th, 1970 (June 08 1970)BirthTeresa Strasser, American Morning Radio Host
June 8th, 1970 (June 08 1970)BirthKelli Williams, American actress
June 8th, 1970 (June 08 1970)BirthTroy Vincent, American footballer
June 8th, 1970 (June 08 1970)DeathAbraham Maslow, American psychologist (born in 1908)Abraham Maslow Quotes
June 8th, 1969 (June 08 1969)BirthJ.P. Manoux, American actor
June 8th, 1969 (June 08 1969)BirthMarcos Siega, American director
June 8th, 1969 (June 08 1969)BirthDavid Sutcliffe, Canadian actor
June 8th, 1969 (June 08 1969)DeathRobert Taylor, American actor (born in 1911)
June 8th, 1968 (June 08 1968)EventJames Earl Ray is arrested for the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.Martin Luther Quotes
June 8th, 1968 (June 08 1968)EventThe body of assassinated U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy is laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.Robert F. Kennedy Quotes
June 8th, 1968 (June 08 1968)BirthRob Ray, American hockey player
June 8th, 1967 (June 08 1967)EventSix-Day War: The USS Liberty incident occurs, killing 34 and wounding 171.
June 8th, 1966 (June 08 1966)EventOne of the XB-70 Valkyrie prototypes is destroyed in a mid-air collision with a F-104 Starfighter chase plane during a photo shoot. NASA pilot Joseph A. Walker and USAF test pilot Carl Cross were both killed.
June 8th, 1966 (June 08 1966)EventTopeka, Kansas is devastated by a tornado that registers as an "F5" on the Fujita Scale: the first to exceed US$100 million in damages. Sixteen people are killed, hundreds more injured, and thousands of homes damaged or destroyed.[1]
June 8th, 1966 (June 08 1966)BirthJulianna Margulies, American actress Julian Quotes
June 8th, 1966 (June 08 1966)BirthDoris Pearson, singer, Five Star
June 8th, 1966 (June 08 1966)DeathAnton Melik, Slovenian geographer (born in 1890)
June 8th, 1965 (June 08 1965)BirthKevin Farley, American actor
June 8th, 1965 (June 08 1965)BirthRob Pilatus, German-American singer and dancer (died in 1998)
June 8th, 1965 (June 08 1965)BirthChris Chavis, American professional wrestler
June 8th, 1965 (June 08 1965)DeathEdmondo Rossoni, Italian fascist (born in 1884)
June 8th, 1964 (June 08 1964)BirthButch Reynolds, American former 400m runner
June 8th, 1963 (June 08 1963)BirthKeti Garbi, Greek singer
June 8th, 1962 (June 08 1962)BirthNick Rhodes, English musician (Duran Duran)
June 8th, 1962 (June 08 1962)BirthKristine W, American musician
June 8th, 1960 (June 08 1960)BirthMick Hucknall, English singer and songwriter (Simply Red)
June 8th, 1960 (June 08 1960)BirthThomas Steen, Swedish hockey player
June 8th, 1959 (June 08 1959)EventThe USS Barbero and United States Postal Service attempt the delivery of mail via Missile Mail.
June 8th, 1958 (June 08 1958)BirthKeenen Ivory Wayans, American actor and director
June 8th, 1957 (June 08 1957)BirthScott Adams, American cartoonistScott Adams Quotes
June 8th, 1957 (June 08 1957)BirthDon Robinson, American baseball player
June 8th, 1956 (June 08 1956)DeathMarie Laurencin, French painter (born in 1883)
June 8th, 1955 (June 08 1955)BirthTim Berners-Lee, English internet developer
June 8th, 1955 (June 08 1955)BirthGriffin Dunne, American actor
June 8th, 1955 (June 08 1955)BirthGreg Ginn, American guitarist (Black Flag)
June 8th, 1954 (June 08 1954)BirthSergei Storchak, Russian deputy finance minister
June 8th, 1953 (June 08 1953)EventFlint-Worcester tornado outbreak sequence: A tornado hits Flint, Michigan, and kills 115. This is the last tornado to claim more than 100 lives.
June 8th, 1953 (June 08 1953)EventThe United States Supreme Court rules that Washington, D.C. restaurants could not refuse to serve black patrons.
June 8th, 1953 (June 08 1953)BirthOlav Stedje, Norwegian singer-songwriter
June 8th, 1953 (June 08 1953)BirthAd Tak, Dutch cyclist
June 8th, 1951 (June 08 1951)BirthBonnie Tyler, Welsh singer and guitarist
June 8th, 1951 (June 08 1951)BirthTony Rice, American acoustic guitarist
June 8th, 1951 (June 08 1951)DeathEugene Fiset, French Canadian military officer and politician (born in 1874)
June 8th, 1950 (June 08 1950)EventSir Thomas Blamey becomes the only Field Marshal in Australian history.
June 8th, 1950 (June 08 1950)BirthKathy Baker, American actress
June 8th, 1950 (June 08 1950)BirthSonia Braga, Brazilian actress
June 8th, 1949 (June 08 1949)EventCelebrities Helen Keller, Dorothy Parker, Danny Kaye, Fredric March, John Garfield, Paul Muni and Edward G. Robinson are named in an FBI report as Communist Party members.Helen Keller Quotes
June 8th, 1949 (June 08 1949)BirthEmanuel Ax, Polish-born pianist
June 8th, 1949 (June 08 1949)BirthJeffrey Mylett, American actor (died in 1986)
June 8th, 1948 (June 08 1948)EventMilton Berle hosts the debut of Texaco Star Theater.Milton Berle Quotes
June 8th, 1947 (June 08 1947)BirthEric F. Wieschaus, American biologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
June 8th, 1945 (June 08 1945)DeathKarl Hanke, Nazi official (born in 1903)
June 8th, 1944 (June 08 1944)BirthMark Belanger, American baseball player (died in 1998)
June 8th, 1944 (June 08 1944)BirthMarc Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec City
June 8th, 1944 (June 08 1944)BirthBoz Scaggs, American singer and songwriter
June 8th, 1943 (June 08 1943)BirthColin Baker, British actor
June 8th, 1943 (June 08 1943)BirthWilliam Calley, American war criminal
June 8th, 1943 (June 08 1943)BirthWillie Davenport, American athlete (died in 2002)
June 8th, 1942 (June 08 1942)EventWorld War II: Japanese imperial submarines I-21 and I-24 shell the Australian cities of Sydney and Newcastle.
June 8th, 1942 (June 08 1942)BirthDoug Mountjoy, Welsh snooker player
June 8th, 1942 (June 08 1942)BirthChuck Negron, American singer (Three Dog Night)Chuck D Quotes
June 8th, 1941 (June 08 1941)EventWorld War II: Allies invade Syria and Lebanon.
June 8th, 1941 (June 08 1941)BirthRobert Bradford, Northern Irish politician (died in 1981)
June 8th, 1941 (June 08 1941)BirthFuzzy Haskins, American musician (P Funk)
June 8th, 1940 (June 08 1940)BirthNancy Sinatra, American singer
June 8th, 1939 (June 08 1939)BirthBernie Casey, American football player and actor
June 8th, 1936 (June 08 1936)BirthJames Darren, American actor and singer
June 8th, 1936 (June 08 1936)BirthKenneth G. Wilson, American physicist, Nobel laureate
June 8th, 1934 (June 08 1934)BirthMillicent Martin, English singer and actress
June 8th, 1933 (June 08 1933)BirthJoan Rivers, American comedian and authorJoan Rivers Quotes
June 8th, 1931 (June 08 1931)BirthDana Wynter, German-born American actress
June 8th, 1930 (June 08 1930)BirthRobert Aumann, German-born Israeli mathematician; Nobel laureate
June 8th, 1930 (June 08 1930)BirthMarcel Leger, Quebec politician (died in 1993)
June 8th, 1929 (June 08 1929)DeathBliss Carman, Canadian poet (born in 1861)Bliss Carman Quotes
June 8th, 1928 (June 08 1928)EventSecond Northern Expedition: The National Revolutionary Army captures Peking, whose name is changed to Beijing.
June 8th, 1927 (June 08 1927)BirthJerry Stiller, American comedian and actor
June 8th, 1925 (June 08 1925)BirthBarbara Bush, First Lady of the United States
June 8th, 1925 (June 08 1925)BirthEddie Gaedel, American baseball player (died in 1961)
June 8th, 1925 (June 08 1925)BirthDel Ennis, baseball player (died in 1996)
June 8th, 1924 (June 08 1924)BirthLyn Nofziger, American political operative (died in 2006)
June 8th, 1924 (June 08 1924)DeathAndrew Irvine, English mountain climber (climbing accident) (born in 1902)
June 8th, 1924 (June 08 1924)DeathGeorge Leigh Mallory, English mountain climber (climbing accident) (born in 1886)
June 8th, 1923 (June 08 1923)BirthMalcolm Boyd, American Episcopal Priest and author
June 8th, 1921 (June 08 1921)BirthLeRoy Neiman, American painter
June 8th, 1921 (June 08 1921)BirthAlexis Smith, Canadian actress (died in 1993)
June 8th, 1921 (June 08 1921)BirthSuharto, President of Indonesia (died in 2008)
June 8th, 1920 (June 08 1920)BirthGwen Harwood, Australian poet (died in 1995)
June 8th, 1918 (June 08 1918)BirthRobert Preston, American actor (died in 1987)
June 8th, 1918 (June 08 1918)BirthJohn D. Roberts, American chemist
June 8th, 1917 (June 08 1917)BirthByron White, American athlete and Supreme Court Justice (died in 2002)Byron White Quotes
June 8th, 1916 (June 08 1916)BirthFrancis Crick, English molecular biologist; Nobel laureate (died in 2004)Francis Crick Quotes
June 8th, 1916 (June 08 1916)BirthLuigi Comencini, Italian film director (died in 2007)
June 8th, 1912 (June 08 1912)EventCarl Laemmle incorporates Universal Pictures.
June 8th, 1912 (June 08 1912)BirthHarry Holtzman, American abstract artist (died in 1987)
June 8th, 1912 (June 08 1912)BirthMaurice Bellemare, French Canadian politician (died in 1989)
June 8th, 1911 (June 08 1911)BirthEdmundo Rivero, Argentine singer (died in 1986)
June 8th, 1910 (June 08 1910)BirthJohn W. Campbell, American publisher and editor (died in 1971)
June 8th, 1910 (June 08 1910)BirthFernand Fonssagrives, French photographer (died in 2003)
June 8th, 1906 (June 08 1906)EventTheodore Roosevelt signs the Antiquities Act into law, authorizing the President to restrict the use of certain parcels of public land with historical or conservation value.Theodore Roosevelt Quotes
June 8th, 1903 (June 08 1903)BirthRalph Yarborough, U.S. Senator from Texas (died in 1996)
June 8th, 1903 (June 08 1903)BirthMarguerite Yourcenar, French author (died in 1987)Marguerite Yourcenar Quotes
June 8th, 1901 (June 08 1901)BirthLena Baker, American murderer (died in 1945)
June 8th, 1897 (June 08 1897)BirthJohn G. Bennett, British scientist and author (died in 1974)
June 8th, 1887 (June 08 1887)EventHerman Hollerith receives a patent for his punch card calculator.
June 8th, 1885 (June 08 1885)BirthKarl Genzken, Nazi physician (died in 1957)
June 8th, 1885 (June 08 1885)DeathIgnace Bourget, Bishop of Montreal (born in 1799)
June 8th, 1876 (June 08 1876)DeathGeorge Sand, French author (born in 1804)
June 8th, 1874 (June 08 1874)DeathCochise, Apache leader
June 8th, 1867 (June 08 1867)BirthFrank Lloyd Wright, American architect (died in 1959)Frank Lloyd Wright Quotes
June 8th, 1862 (June 08 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Cross KeysConfederate forces under General Stonewall Jackson save the Army of Northern Virginia from a Union assault on the James Peninsula led by General George B. McClellan.
June 8th, 1861 (June 08 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: Tennessee secedes from the Union.
June 8th, 1860 (June 08 1860)BirthAlicia Boole Stott, Irish mathematician (died in 1940)
June 8th, 1859 (June 08 1859)BirthSmith Wigglesworth, British religious figure (died in 1947)
June 8th, 1857 (June 08 1857)DeathDouglas William Jerrold, British playwright and satirist (born in 1803)Douglas William Jerrold Quotes
June 8th, 1856 (June 08 1856)EventThe community of Pitcairn Islands and descendants of the mutineers of the HMS Bounty consisting of 194 people arrived on the Morayshire at Norfolk Island Commencing the Third Settlement of the Island.
June 8th, 1851 (June 08 1851)BirthJacques-Arsene d Arsonval, French physicist (died in 1940)
June 8th, 1847 (June 08 1847)BirthIda McKinley, First Lady of the United States (died in 1907)
June 8th, 1845 (June 08 1845)DeathAndrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States (born in 1767)Andrew Jackson Quotes
June 8th, 1842 (June 08 1842)BirthJohn Q. A. Brackett, 36th Governor of Massachusetts (died in 1918)
June 8th, 1835 (June 08 1835)DeathGian Domenico Romagnosi, Italian physicist (born in 1761)
June 8th, 1831 (June 08 1831)BirthThomas J. Higgins, decorated Union Army soldier (died in 1917)
June 8th, 1810 (June 08 1810)BirthRobert Schumann, German composer (died in 1856)
June 8th, 1809 (June 08 1809)DeathThomas Paine, American revolutionary and writer (born in 1737)Thomas Paine Quotes
June 8th, 1795 (June 08 1795)DeathKing Louis XVII of France (born in 1785)
June 8th, 1789 (June 08 1789)EventJames Madison introduces a proposed Bill of Rights in the U.S. House of Representatives.James Madison Quotes
June 8th, 1783 (June 08 1783)EventThe volcano Laki, in Iceland, begins an eight-month eruption which kills over 9,000 people and starts a seven-year famine.
June 8th, 1776 (June 08 1776)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: Battle of Trois-RivieresAmerican attackers are driven back at Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.
June 8th, 1771 (June 08 1771)DeathGeorge Montague-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax, English statesman (born in 1716)
June 8th, 1768 (June 08 1768)DeathJohann Joachim Winckelmann, German classical scholar and archaeologist (born in 1717)
June 8th, 1757 (June 08 1757)BirthCardinal Ercole Consalvi, Italian Roman Catholic Cardinal (died in 1824)
June 8th, 1745 (June 08 1745)BirthCaspar Wessel, Danish mathematician (died in 1818)
June 8th, 1743 (June 08 1743)BirthAlessandro Cagliostro, Italian adventurer (died in 1795)
June 8th, 1727 (June 08 1727)DeathAugust Hermann Francke, German Protestant minister (born in 1663)
June 8th, 1724 (June 08 1724)BirthJohn Smeaton, English civil engineer (died in 1794)
June 8th, 1717 (June 08 1717)BirthJohn Collins, American politician (died in 1795)
June 8th, 1716 (June 08 1716)DeathJohann Wilhelm, Elector Palatine (born in 1658)
June 8th, 1714 (June 08 1714)DeathSophia of Hanover, heir to the throne of Great Britain (born in 1630)
June 8th, 1671 (June 08 1671)BirthTomaso Albinoni, Italian composer (died in 1751)
June 8th, 1628 (June 08 1628)DeathRudolph Goclenius, German philosopher (born in 1547) Philo Quotes
June 8th, 1625 (June 08 1625)BirthGiovanni Domenico Cassini, Italian scientist (died in 1712)
June 8th, 1621 (June 08 1621)DeathAnne de Xainctonge, French saint (born in 1567)
June 8th, 1612 (June 08 1612)DeathHans Leo Hassler, German composer (born in 1562)
June 8th, 1611 (June 08 1611)DeathJean Bertaut, French poet (born in 1552)
June 8th, 1505 (June 08 1505)DeathHongzhi, Emperor of China (born in 1470)
June 8th, 1476 (June 08 1476)DeathGeorge Neville, English archbishop and statesman
June 8th, 1405 (June 08 1405)EventRichard le Scrope, Archbishop of York and Thomas Mowbray, Earl of Norfolk, are executed in York on Henry IV s orders.
June 8th, 1384 (June 08 1384)DeathKanami, Japanese actor (born in 1333)
June 8th, 1383 (June 08 1383)DeathThomas de Ros, 5th Baron de Ros, English Crusader (born in 1338)
June 8th, 1376 (June 08 1376)DeathEdward, the Black Prince, son of Edward III of England (born in 1330)
June 8th, 1191 (June 08 1191)EventRichard I arrives in Acre thus beginning his crusade.
June 8th, 1042 (June 08 1042)DeathHarthacanute, King of Denmark and England (born in 1018)
June 8th, 0632 (June 08 0632)DeathMuhammad, Prophet of Islam (born in 570)
June 8th, 0536 (June 08 0536)EventSt. Silverius becomes Pope (probable date).
June 8th, 0218 (June 08 0218)DeathMacrinus, Roman Emperor

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